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The Nurse Link empowers current, future, and aspiring nurses by connecting them for mentorship, networking & scholarship through our industry disruptive events    community building platform.

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Our Mission

The Nurse Link is dedicated to  empowering nurses and nursing students by providing a supportive community for mentorship, networking, scholarship and growth. We believe that by connecting nurses at all levels, we can create a stronger and more united nursing profession.

Our Work 

The Nurse Link brings nurses together to connect, collaborate and learn from each other. We’re dedicated to supporting nurses in their personal and professional development and achieve through our innovative and  interactive nurse expos, skills workshops, mentorship and ambassador programs. We positively impact nursing culture by actively advocating within the industry, gathering stakeholders for game changing dialogue and promoting innovation at and beyond the bedside

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 TNL events and online platform provide a social opportunity for nurses to connect, share knowledge & build meaningful relationships.

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& Mentorship 

TNL's mentorship programs match experienced nurses with nursing students and early-career nurses per specialty to provide guidance and support.

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We help nurses develop new skills and advance their careers through certified training programs, continued education courses and job placement. 

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& Activism

TNL promotes nursing as a profession and advocates for sustainable policies & practices that support nurses & improve patient care.

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Join Our Community

By joining The Nurse Link, you'll have access to a supportive and empowering community of nurses who are dedicated to advancing the profession and improving patient care.

Community Membership

Online Events & Workshops

Mentorship Programs

Trusted By Nurses Everywhere


 The Nurse Link 



Nurse Centered Brands & Nursing Stakeholders 


Nurse Expo Attendees across the Unites States 

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What Our Members Say

I attended the inaugural Nursel Link Expo in Atlanta nearly five years ago and that  was the best decision I've made for my nursing career. The mentorship program connected me with an amazing nurses that have  helped me grow both professionally & personally.”

Ashley W, RN

“There is no event or platform like the Nurse Link. Your organization has provided me with opportunities to connect with other nurses and make leaps and bounds in my nursing journey. I've gained so much knowledge and confidence through this community.”

Nylah H, SCRNA

“I'm so grateful for The Nurse Link and the scholarship they  provided me during my undergraduate journey. The expos are the only place to meet nurseprenuers, hopsital recruiters, nurse influencers  and have much needed industry dialogue. 

Maria R, RN

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